terra aqua ricette dallo chef secondi piatti pinsa romana con polpo all'arancia marmellate e confetture

Pinsa Romana with zucchini, octopus and orange marmelade

Prepared with Tarocco Orange Marmalade
Terra Aqua marmellata
 di arancia arance tarocco coltivate e lavorate in sicilia

1 portion of round Pinsa Romana
1/2 portion of courgettes in a pan
70 g octopus
2 teaspoon of Terra Aqua orange marmelade
q.b. black olives, mustard beans, wild fennel, extra virgin olive oil and salt


60 minutes


Octopus preparation 60 ‘

cook the octopus in water with bay leaf and a little white wine 20 ‘every 500g of its weight then leave to cool in its boiling water with the lid on.

Courgettes preparation 15 ‘

pass the courgettes in a pan with extra virgin olive oil salt and pepper to taste. blend them until creamy tomato sauce with the help of a little water if necessary.