With Terra Aqua you discover the Italian origin of the fruit, the memory of the authentic taste. Ideal for every moment of your life.

Terra Aqua jams and marmelade are born from the memories and passion of Alessandro Rossi who in 2016 started to seek the authentic flavors of the best Italian fruit so that he could put it in many gourmet jars.

Pinkcot apricot cultivation in Sferro, Catania, Italy

Discover the origin of the fruit and its history

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discover the specialties

Do you want to discover the origin and variety of the fruit we have selected for you?

Use the QR code that you will find on the new labels to immediately access the “discover the origin of fruit” page.

Enter the batch number that you find on the cap of each jar to know the special varieties of the selected fruit, the day, month and year of collection and to move directly to the field of origin with Google Maps. Discover the recipes that we have made for you.

Who we are

ritratto di Alessandro Rossi ideatore del progetto Terra Aqua

"It all stems from the countryside, from the choice of crops, fruit varieties and above all from the meetings with the families who work there."

Alessandro rossi
Tutto nasce dalla campagna

“We believe in the value of the quality of the raw materials and the territory from which they come”

Terra Aqua: Extra fruit jams

The extra fruit jams of Terra Aqua are made with citrus fruit and fruit from organic cultivation or following good agricultural practice.

We use the pulp and peel that we combine with organic brown cane sugar. We do not use additives, preservatives and dyes.

The new Coctura product line: authentic gastronomic specialty

Still life vasetti di Linea Coctura

Experimenting is in our DNA.
We are always attentive to the needs of consumers and for this reason we have created a new recipe, an innovative gourmet gastronomic specialty.

“COCTURA” is ideal for cooking, an ingredient for making first and second courses, incredibly tasty and modern appetizers and finger food.

The passion for biodiversity and the short chain

illustrazione di ape simbolo della biodiversità

In Terra Aqua we study the biodiversity of each variety of fruit we select in order to enhance its organoleptic characteristics before putting it in the jar. Single-variety fruit and citrus fruits come only from small organic crops.

The fruit is always and only hand picked and no more than 24 hours pass from harvest to shipment to the processing laboratory. So we guarantee a very short supply chain.

Fruit processing, passion and tradition

mani che sbucciano limone

From the moment the fruit is detached from the plant, it is necessary to be quick in order to best preserve its aromas and flavors.

Every single fruit is taken in hand, cleaned and separated from the kernels and for citrus fruits the pulp is separated from the peel. It is a precious tradition that has been handed down for generations.

The recipe is a simple secret combined with lots of modern technology

“Remove to preserve” authentic tastes and flavors is our daily commitment in the development of recipes.

We process the fruit at low temperature (no more than 70 ° C) and under vacuum thanks to modern technology. Thus the aromas and flavors remain intact. Each production is only 100kg. We do not add additives such as dyes, artificial flavors and water. We guarantee up to 24 months of shelf life (thanks to a delicate hot pasteurization) from the production date shown on the side of the cap.

boule per lavorazione frutta
Raccolta delle Arance Tarocco in Sicilia
Agrumeto a Santo Stefano di Briga Messina

"We are committed to giving a true gourmet delight, a precious gift, an unexpected smile"