ricette dalla cucina del nostro chef Pizza Gourmet con Prodotto Coctura di Limoni e prosciutto crudo

Gourmet pizza

Prepared with Coctura of Lemons
Coctura specialità gastronomica di Limoni

1 simple round pizza
1 g of Parma ham PDO
60 g of squacquerone
Coctura of Lemons to taste oil, pepper and arugula to garnish


30 minutes


Prepare a pizza dough with sourdough and knead as desired for at least 48-72 hours.

Create a classic round pizza and cook it in the oven. Alternatively, buy a simple pizza made with love and sourdough.


Proceed with the garnish of the pizza slice with Parma ham PDO, fresh squaquerone, rocket, pepper oil and finally complete with small quantities of lemon coctura.